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Ashwani and Saroj Nagpal are owners of the well established India Palace Restaurant in Winnipeg M.B. After 25 plus years of managing and establishing multiple restaurants, they have ventured into a new section of the hospitality business by creating the Hostel Royal Plaza.


The Nagpal's first venture was a fine dining restaurant located also in the heart of downtown 30 years ago. It quickly became a huge success in the community. Over the years the Nagpal's have had the honor to cater thousands of Winnipeger's. They have been active in numerous Winnipeg festivals including The Folk Festival, The Fringe Festival, and The Jazz Festival to name a few.

The Nagpal's have two children that were born and brought up in Winnipeg. Upon completion of their high school's they decided to pursue graduate studies abroad in Europe and the Caribbean. The Nagpal's purchased the old HI Downtowner keeping in mind of the difficulties that students can potentially encounter in an unknown environment. Their goal is to make a comfortable home-like environment which is safe and affordable for students. A place which is like home away from home! They are very familiar with the needs and necessities that students are looking for based on their children's experiences, eg. location, safety, convenience, affordability, meal plans etc.


The Nagpal's are not limiting the facility to students and will cater to travellers and locals as well. The Nagpal's think that a niche will be filled based on the great location in the heart of downtown and the constant demand of convenient and affordable living. They are ecstatic to open their doors and welcome everyone and hope to build long lasting relationships with many.

Ashwani and Saroj Nagpal

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